Saint John of God Foundation | Saint Joseph’s Shankill
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Saint Joseph’s Shankill

Saint Joseph’s Shankill is dedicated to the care of people living with dementia and their families. The facility is the only one in Ireland specialised solely in dementia care. We provide a home from home for people at all stages of the dementia journey; from early stage to palliative end of life care. Our staff is carefully selected and trained in the specific and complex social, emotional and physical needs of people living with dementia.

We are committed to growing our services into the greater community, offering training, dementia education, outreach programmes, early intervention programmes, more day care and respite services and dementia research.

Transforming Saint Joseph’s into a dementia village

Our vision is to lead the way in dementia care in Ireland by transforming Saint Joseph’s into a Dementia Village, creating a community of homes, gardens, a coffee shop, a church, a cinema, a hairdressers and other social spaces for everyone to enjoy. The village will offer more facilities and activities for people living with dementia, both resident at Saint Joseph’s and those living in the community. We will provide more day care places, social activities and a dementia community space accessible to all. Through our innovative concepts we will lead our wider community to be ‘dementia friendly’ enabling people living with dementia to live their lives as independently as possible supported by their friends and neighbours.

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