Saint John of God Foundation | Our Commitment
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Saint John of God Foundation is indebted to the donors who have made such a generous contribution to the charitable works of Saint of God.

We make the following commitment to donors:




  • All donations and standing order forms given to our representatives are doubly acknowledged. A receipt is provided at once and a further formal acknowledgement is sent by post.
  • All donations received by post or by credit card are formally acknowledged.
  • Donations made for a specific purpose will be used only for that purpose.


Donors’ Wishes


  • We will not supply your name, address or other personal details to any third party without your written permission.
  • Standing orders will be cancelled if you wish to do so.
  • Upon request any personal information will be removed from our database.
  • Your wishes will be respected if you do not wish to receive literature from us.
  • Any complaint or query from a donor will be dealt with promptly.




  • We are a registered charity with the Charities Unit of the Revenue Commissioners CHY18280 & the Charities Regulatory Authority CRA 200698841.
  • Our financial accounts are prepared in accordance with FRS102 Charities SORP as issued by the Charity Commission Office and the office of Scottish Charity regulator.
  • We are signed up to the Statement of Guiding Principles on Fundraising with the Charities Institute of Ireland
  • We are on the journey to be compliant with the Governance Code for Community and Voluntary Organisations in Ireland.


Our Representatives


  • All representatives carry identity cards with photographs. Their photos are on our website.
  • Our representatives will treat people with respect and will not apply any sort of pressure.
  • They will not exploit any relationship with a donor for personal gain.
  • Our representatives are employed on a permanent basis and do not receive commission.




  • Our staff are instructed to conduct themselves at all times with integrity, honesty and trustworthiness. They will act at all times openly and in such a manner that donors are not misled.
  • We treat staff fairly in relation to terms and conditions of employment.